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Community Building

The South Asian diaspora in Boston comes from a variety of ethnicities, religions, and languages. But we also share geographies, cuisines, and similar traditions.​

We are bringing together women from these diverse communities to make their presence felt in greater Boston by providing a platform to address issues, and highlight our cultures, traditions, similarities and differences.  

Our approach includes:

  • Connecting our communities to each other

    • ​Through our many community events, people make friends, connections, exchange resources, and help each other. ​​

  • Addressing intra- and inter-group biases through story telling

    • Holding get togethers, such as "chai addas" (conversations over a cup of tea), games, and conflict-resolution workshops for people to share experiences, address stereotypes, and learn. ​

  • Developing leadership opportunities through capacity building

    • Helping community members take initiative to help others, share skills and resources.

    • Provide workshops to build skills such as in computing and digital literacy.​


Our Mission

To help low-income South Asian women, girls, and communities thrive by connecting to each other and to resources.


We Need Your Support Today!

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