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South Asian Garden Workshop Series - First Workshop

Updated: Feb 14

Sharing stories, goals, and garden planning

With the Trustees, Boston Community Gardens collaboration, we at SAWC co-hosted the inaugural garden workshop virtually on January 31, 2024.

We spoke about how we, the immigrant community, carry our plant and seed sentiments from back home. We always want to grow more of the ethnic plants and vegetables that keep us feel connected and rooted (so to speak!).

SAWC has begun a community gardening program so that our members can reconnect with our cultural traditions of small-scale kitchen gardens and self-produced food. We are especially interested in learning about growing plants in the small spaces our low-income live in.

This program grew out of our participation in the Go Green project in Summer 2023, as a way to enhance mental health and alleviate the stress associated with the economic and health burdens of post pandemic times. Studies have shown the beneficial effect of community gardening on wellbeing, though more work on the connections needs to be done.

Let's grow green and avoid feeling blue by interacting with nature!

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